Possible Misuse of Power

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth took decisive action against Gen. Charles Hamilton, the head of Army Materiel Command, following reports in the press that uncovered his possible undue influence on a service evaluation committee.

His intent was allegedly to bolster the career prospects of a female lieutenant colonel deemed unsuitable for leadership roles. This development led to Hamilton’s suspension and the initiation of an investigation by the Defense Department inspector general, a move seldom seen against a high-ranking four-star general.

Wormuth’s spokesperson, Col. Randee Farrell, stated that Wormuth was alerted to serious accusations suggesting that Gen. Hamilton had meddled with the Army‘s Command Assessment Program (CAP) during the previous autumn. Consequently, Hamilton was suspended while awaiting the results from the Pentagon’s probe and any other investigations that may follow.

In Hamilton’s absence, Lt. Gen. Chris Mohan has been appointed as the interim commander of AMC.

Investigations by Military.com unveiled a concerted effort by Hamilton to sway the Army Command Assessment Program panel in favor of a female lieutenant colonel aiming for a battalion leadership position. This assessment scheme is designed to be impervious to external influence, assessing officers’ leadership capabilities without bias.

The Officer’s Identity Remains Confidential

Despite Hamilton’s intervention, which involved contacting members of the assessment panel, the lieutenant colonel was ultimately judged unfit for leadership due to her ineffective and counterproductive management style. Nevertheless, she was later added to a command selection list, bypassing the panel’s decision.

Following the exposé, the lieutenant colonel was removed from the candidate list for command positions, with instructions to reapply the following year. Her identity remains confidential, as no misconduct was attributed to her in the reporting.