The Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU), based out of Ft. Benning, Georgia, produces some of the world’s best marksmen. It does not matter if the discipline is rifle, 3-Gun, shotgun, pistol, or air rifle, the AMU continuously remains among the top of elite shooters, both military- and civilian-wide.

The AMU has a very unique relationship with 3rd Ranger Battalion snipers. In the late 1990s, the 3rd Ranger Battalion Snipers began to work closely with the AMU. The snipers were able use AMU’s ranges, getting hands on instruction on alternate shooting positions, and calling wind adjustments. The Platoon Sergeant at the time, SFC Lindsay Bunch, believed that if his snipers could master these alternate positions, they would be more effective on the battlefield, where a perfectly stabilized bipod-supported firing position is rarely available.

Previously, the primary targets that were engaged were standard E-type steel or cardboard targets. Using the AMU’s range afforded the men the opportunity to train on a range with rapidly changing winds and shoot NRA-style targets. The NRA-style target in much more difficult to engage and the shooter must be much more precise than when engaging the Army’s standard E-type.

Through 1998, the relationship continued to grow and in 1999 the AMU brought a 3/75 Sniper squad leader over to the unit for a “summer trip” with the AMU Service Rifle team. The trip began with the team traveling to Quantico, VA to compete in the Rifle Inter-Service Championships. From there, they traveled to Camp Perry, OH to compete in the National Matches. With that, the pick-up shooter program was born, and enabled future Rangers to spend their summers competing against some of the best marksmen in the world.