The U.S. Army is continuing to look for new ways to use their existing equipment to improve its soldiers’ chances on the battlefield, with platforms like the M777 howitzer seeing repeated refits and modifications to extend its range and capabilities. Now the Army has set its sights on modifying its mortars in order to increase the combat effectiveness of its troops.

However, the Army isn’t content to simply increase the kill range of its mortars, and a new project they recently patented doesn’t involve targeting enemy combatants at all. Instead, the Army is setting their sights on raining mortar shells down onto their own troops on the battlefield.

The Army’s new project, which is being developed at the Picatinny Arsenal where the M777ER is also being built, is called ARP, for Army Resupply Projectile. The plan is to develop mortar shells with hollow compartments and dynamic steering mechanisms that allow for Army mortar teams to provide a resupply of ammunition to infantry forces that find themselves pinned down by enemy fire.

In order to deliver supplies to American forces caught in long firefights, the mortar rounds will feature “a tail section secured to the payload deployment section, which includes a steerable decelerator system. That system also houses a guidance and navigation system made up of electronics, power supply and a parafoil control mechanism.”