A Special Forces junior officer is to be kicked out of the Army with just a two-week notice following a personal transgression that took place years ago.

In 2015, the Green Beret captain, whose name hasn’t been published for personal security reasons, had had an extramarital affair with the wife of a fellow soldier, according to an exclusive story published by Breitbart.

The Captain said that the affair, which lasted for two-and-a-half months, was an escape out of physical and mental issues he was dealing with following a serious combat injury. The Captain had completed six combat deployments to the Middle East. In 2007, he was seriously injured by an Improvise Explosive Device (IED) in Iraq.

Judging by the feedback of his direct superiors, the Captain is a highly capable and effective officer. The commanding officer of his Special Forces Group had written in 2018 that “[He] has accepted responsibility for the actions [and] he continues to serve our Nation, the Army, and our Soldiers at a very high level — the Army should retain him… We assess [his] leadership as sound. His professional performance warrants continued service. He has expiated his personal and professional transgressions through hard personal and professional work.”