Just a couple of weeks after the Army reneged on its pledge to accept recruits without high school diplomas; they came up with another scheme to meet their already low recruitment goals.

Chowing down in the field. Image Credit: David Furst/AFP Photo

On June 29th, I wrote about how the Army was miserably failing to meet its recruitment goals, so they dropped the educational requirements necessitating a GED or high school diploma to join. All you had to do was score 50 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). It’s kind of like an SAT for the military, kind of. I thought one catch was kind of dumb; the recruits without a GED or high school diploma had to score a 50 or better on the test to be accepted. That means 50% of the people who took the test did worse on it than they did. If you had a high school diploma, you only needed to score 31 or better to be welcomed into the service.

I was even mentoring a young man who really wanted to join the Army but didn’t have the required educational credentials. He was initially excited, but his hopes were dashed when the Army abruptly discontinued the program about ten days after it was first offered. He was crushed.

As a point of reference, the Army was only at 40% of its recruiting goals when it started that program. Remember, the fiscal year begins October 1st, so they must make up that 60% shortfall by September 30th. And they are trying to man the smallest Army we’ve had since the beginning of World War II.