I was hoping that this one was more myth than reality.  I was wrong.  Although I’ve come to the conclusion that America has put politics ahead of victory in our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and no longer support the wars at all for this reason, I am certainly not losing sleep over the assholes we put through the meat grinder while I served in the Army.  After watching this video and reading the translator’s notes you will understand why I feel that way.  The world is simply a better place without these people.

What you see in the video is a family auctioning off their kid for a suicide attack in Syria:


TRANSLATOR: The dialects seams to be Syrian … or Lebanese

TRANSLATOR: the last Guy offer 1,5 million ryals (saudi money) + 200 k to the oncle !!!

TRANSLATOR: sec 0:25 : Father talk about salah ” Hi every one this is my son and i will send it to take revenge”

TRANSLATOR: 1:08 (speaker talk) :”Ya shabab ( youth! ) we are going to send him inside Bab Amro (sems to be an place)

TRANSLATOR: 1:08 , We need same sacrifice as he sacrifice it life

TRANSLATOR:   sorry last one was 1:18

TRANSLATOR:   1:20″ they will give their life ! ” (speaker talk)

TRANSLATOR:   1:41 ” YA shabab (youths ! ) add more money , god will refund you”

TRANSLATOR:   1:54 : “we give money in the box , and U send him directly to Bab amar (place in syria name of town there)

(ps “Bab Amro -is probably Bab Amsr – neighborhood in Homs, Syria where the rebels are heavy)

TRANSLATOR:   1:59 speaker ” No problem , all important is the motivation and the faith”

TRANSLATOR: 3:03 ” 200 k riyals to abu adnan personally ”

TRANSLATOR: I think The guy is in Black tee-shirt

TRANSLATOR:   N 34 °42’33.3” E 36°41’15.9” Baba Amr Homs Syria