[Editor’s Note: This is the seventh in a series of exclusive SOFREP stories of what led to the MACV-SOG Bright Light mission that haunts SOG Green Beret SSG James H. Shorten (Jones) to this day. It has taken him back to Cambodia twice. He hopes to return to Cambodia in 2018 to help DPAA officials locate and return two Air Force pilots, 1st Lt. Eric James Huberth and Capt. Alan Robert Trent, that he and his recon team tried unsuccessfully to find after their F-4D jet crashed May 14, 1970 on a bombing mission.
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Imagine being 70 years old and humping up and down steep mountains in Cambodia.

Imagine being 70, fighting jungle heat, exhaustion and Southeast Asian horizontal downpours.

Imagine being 70 and still haunted by images of communist North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers trying to kill you in the jungles during a top-secret SOG mission run in 1970 across the fence in Cambodia.