There is a certain location in Iraq that many in the SOF community know. This particular place has a pool in every backyard and marble floors. The three story complex that housed up to 50 Rangers also had other amenities, such as a sand volleyball court, horseshoes, diving board, and yes, a zip-line that went from the top of the third story into the pool.

Let’s just say someone came for a visit and didn’t appreciate the risk factor due to the 15 feet of tile between the house and pool. They shut that ruckus down.

That was a summer and a locale that would almost make you forget that you were in Iraq. We would run missions all night and be “home” by morning. The mornings usually consisted of a group of us going down the street to get some breakfast, well actually dinner.

After a nice big plate of brenner (breakfast for dinner) consisting of runny eggs and grits, we would cruise on over to the Baskin Robbins freezer for ice cream. Lying by the pool and eating a root-beer float after breakfast was an event that, for some, became a daily ritual.