St. George, Utah — A man wielding what he called his “battle-ax” and sporting body armor threatened his family and neighbors with explosives at 11 p.m. Sunday night, and the situation developed into Monday morning. He also threatened the incoming police officers. While no explosives were found in his house, a long stand-off ensued which ended in 38-year-old Benjamin Dee Wilcken’s arrest.

SWAT was dispatched to his house, along with local police and county deputies, and they evacuated the area due to the threat of explosives. Police officers entered the home and Wilcken refused to follow directions. They continued to try to negotiate, but he would not comply. At this point it was unclear whether or not children were somewhere in the home with him or not.

Two officers fired tasers into him, but they seemed to have little to no effect. Another officer fired a round into Wilcken’s chest, but he was wearing body armor. Wilcken retreated back to the garage with his medieval battle-ax; there authorities continued to negotiate for several hours.

At 3 a.m. the suspect surrendered and was placed into police custody. Officers conducted a thorough search of the home and found no explosives as Wilcken had threatened.