With so much going on these days between politics, social issues and armed conflicts flaring up with the regularity that I can set my VCR record timer to it, is our future still bright? It is happy hour at my local watering hole, 2 dollar PBR drafts are never ending. I was thinking about creating a running article for my incoherent, and sometimes enlightening, literary rants.

I am not going to subject our readers to any more first shooter accounts about the bombings in Boston and the verbal media throw-up that followed. To be honest, I was quite surprised to see how many low-tech bomb experts the mainstream media outlets had waiting in the wings to educate the country.

The fact is that these types of independently-executed guerrilla warfare tactics are here to stay. Much like the rest of the world, internet-based communications have made physical location irrelevant when conducting these types of attacks. Information at your fingertips and motivational encouragement is just a YouTube video or Skype chat away.