A man greater than myself, and I realize that does very little to thin out the herd of possible candidates, once told me that the title was the single most important part of a literary work: “It reaches out your potential readers waving its arms wildly crying ‘read me, read me!’ Even though at the time, I thought it, and still do think it gay how he said it, I’ll accept it just this once for a test drive.

No, I don’t think I’m the best writer on this site, but much like being in Delta, every dog has its day, or the way I used to describe it: ‘One time you, one time me’ suggesting that there was such an even playing field that there was never just one genetically superior entity that was constantly cleaning house in training competition; one day you beat me, the next day maybe I beat you. Competition was tight.

The actual BK Actual in a post beer moment of clarity; say pal… you gotta light?

BK Actual, Brian “Don’t Get Me Started” Kimber

I remember the day, I am pretty sure it was a Sunday if not mistaken, the trophy went to Burger King Actual, as I like to affectionately title him… the extant Brian Kimber (and a great hush fell upon the audience).