When UBL struck out on his own for Afghanistan, and his own Fatwa فتاوى‎ , he left behind great wealth and a life of leisure in Saudi Arabia.  He swapped a life of luxury for one of hardship and became a legend for it.  If that wasn’t enough, the future leader of AQ could shoot straight and killed quite a few Soviets and earned the respect of his men.

And a U.S. sponsored Radical Islamist star was born.

The same U.S. sponsored camps in Pakistan would later be re-purposed for the war on America along with the weapons, guns and U.S. military grade radios (my SEAL Platoon found some of these in an Afghan Cave).
The Caves of Zhawar Kili

US Radios

Is History Repeating Itself?

And now as most people “in-the-know” realize (you don’t have to look far on the Google Engine), the U.S. is sponsoring their own terror little league team.  Only they don’t let them put “USA” on their jerseys.  The little guys are getting pretty good at killing Iranian nuclear scientists also.


What social and political environments produce the Al Qaeda & Lashkar-e-Taiba   لشکرطیبہ followers of the world? This is an area we should look at seriously instead of always treating symptoms.

Are we on ethical high ground if we support terrorist organizations like MEK with money, guns, and equipment? Then train them in our own back yard? What happens when we let them off leash to do what terrorists do best? What happens when MEK gets a new leader and he strikes a deal with LeT’s leadership?  All good questions to ask I think.