When I first got to Sahl Sinjar, Iraq, in February, 2009, I was not a coffee drinker. After several freezing nights on post, I decided that the freeze-dried MRE coffee I had at my disposal wasn’t such a bad option for staying warm. After a few weeks, I was hooked on coffee for life. No cream, no sugar. Just bitter, disgusting coffee. And I loved it.

To this day, I typically won’t waste my money on well-known coffee brands, simply because I drink black coffee that I don’t need to taste great. Then one day, I was introduced to Black Rifle Coffee: a veteran-owned and operated company.

From their site:

Black Rifle Coffee is veteran-owned and operated by Evan Hafer. From learning to roast beans in the coffee capital of Seattle, to ensuring between deployments that fresh roasts were ready to go down range for fellow Special Operators. During this time, he had the unique opportunity to experience many different coffees from SE Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. Evan has prided himself on ensuring the best quality product available. Evan has been roasting coffee for 10 years between deployments, but truly grabbed his passion by the balls in 2014 to bring his roasts to the American public. You’ll never find a better coffee, and you’ll never find a better team producing it.

My first impression when opening my initial shipment of their products was the high-quality packaging. If they put that much time and effort into the packaging, then image what they do for their contents. Everything is top notch, and it shows in their coffee, whether you prefer pre-ground or whole beans. Not only does buying their coffee and gear mean you are supporting a veteran-owned small business, but you are also supporting your 2nd Amendment rights. A portion of all profits goes to gun rights advocacy groups.

Another reason to look into their coffee might be to impress your bosses by taking your “COFREP” game to the next level. And what is equally as important as the great causes you’d be supporting? Their coffee tastes great! Enough to make even my dark, bitter-loving coffee palate perk up when drinking it. They offer a great variety of blends for your preferred taste.

Blends include (from lightest to darkest):

  • Snipers Hide
  • Silencer Smooth
  • AK-47 Blend
  • Gunship
  • Just Black
  • Beyond Black
  • Murdered Out

Some specialty/limited edition blends include:

  • F*** Hipster Coffee
  • Blackbeard’s Delight
  • Thin Blue Line
  • Caffeinated As F***

They even offer ‘K Cups’ for the Keurig lovers out there.

Their line of mugs, insulated food and beverage containers, and glasses are of excellent quality (my favorite being their stainless-steel mug and the Blackbeard thermos).

It is affordable, high quality, and part of a great cause.

Support Black Rifle Coffee by checking out their line of products and giving them a try. With most of their blends costing from $11.99 – $13.99, it is the same cost as a bag of Starbucks coffee, and in most cases you’ll find that BRCC is actually cheaper. Don’t waste your money on other brands. Buy Black Rifle Coffee and see what it is all about for yourself.

But if you choose not to support them, they’re okay with it—just don’t try to troll them.