Blade Brothers Knives is a small veteran-owned business in Ukraine that specializes in high quality knives designed for various combat applications. While they have a very wide selection to choose from, each with its own purpose, I will focus on the three that I chose to acquire.

BB Knives was born from the war between Ukraine and Russia. The CEO, Sasha, was wounded in combat while serving with the Ukrainian Army. After his road to recovery, he began training Ukrainian Special Forces in knife combatives. Through this process Blade Brothers began to develop a line of knives that fit the bill alongside fellow veterans and knife enthusiasts. When I asked Sasha where he got his inspiration for the knife designs he said, “All our knives are designed for fighting… Initially, we were looking for an EDC knife for our fighting techniques, did not find anything suitable and designed our model – Ira Domini”.

All knives are made of 65g steel, it is a Ukrainian high-carbon steel, elastic enough but holds a solid edge around 55-58 HRC. Being a high carbon steel it is susceptible to corrosion, therefore a special polymer coating that protects against rust and gives anti-glare properties is applied to the blade. Recently they have started to make the same models in Austrian steel K110, it is harder (60 HRC) and only slightly susceptible to corrosion, so these knives are not coated. All the knives are made by hand; the blades are cut and shaped then fitted with scales composed of polyurethane, then fitted to a sheath of pressed ABC plastic that is similar to kydex. Each sheath has a built-in belt clip that favors appendix carry, while I definitely found this to be an excellent position for proper employment of the knife, I would like to see more options for carry in the future like inside the waistband belt loops, tek-lok, etc.

The company has four employees including Sasha, three of them are veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war. While many may question certain aspects of their designs it is important to note that each of the knives is completely legal for everyday carry in Ukraine and comes with proper documentation, should you be questioned by authorities. Not having a hilt is a very distinct feature that makes this possible.