U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken pledged, during a virtual Zoom event, that the Biden administration would actively work to support and expand the growing diplomatic ties between Israel and the Arab nations at the one-year anniversary of the Abraham Accords. 

Blinken hosted the virtual event called “One Year Anniversary of the Abraham Accords: Normalization Agreements in Action,” which was attended by Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita, former U.A.E. foreign minister Anwar Gargash and Bahrain’s U.S. Ambassador Abdullah Al Khalifa.

Israeli, Emirati, and Bahraini government officials had been pressing the Biden administration for the past two months to hold some kind of commemoration for the anniversary. However, Washington has been lukewarm about acknowledging the agreements, which were the crowning achievement of the Trump administration. President Biden won’t even mention the agreements by name.