It’s not just the United States providing Ukraine with lethal aid in their six-month-long war against Russia.

Here in the US, when we think of Sweden, we think of…well, I think of Volvos and snow and the mythical Swedish Bikini Team beer commercials from another era. The Ukrainians, however, have more pressing issues on their minds these days. From the land of ice and snow, red candy fish, and non-Italian meatballs come some of the best artillery systems in the world.

Meet the Archer Artillery System, aka the Archer-FH77BW, aka Artillerisystem 08.

Tire chains and all, the Swedish Archer self-propelled 155 mm artillery system. Screenshot from YouTube via Daily Aviation

According to the Ukrainian military website Defence Express, this past Monday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Mr. Dmytro Kuleba, was in the capital of Sweden meeting with Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and the Minister of foreign affairs Ann Linde. Their discussions centered around continued military aid from the Swedes. Kuleba didn’t mince words; he told the pair, “As long as the war continues, we will be asking for more weapons. Every euro, every bullet, every shell matters.”