Note: this is part of a series about America’s first counterterrorism unit. You can read part one here. Blue Light had been stood up at Mott Lake and had begun their training as an interim counterterrorism unit while Charlie Beckwith took his 18 to 24 months to stand up Delta Force. Room-clearing techniques and innovative marksmanship drills were conducted at S&K range while Blue Light was on standby to be America’s go-to element to deal with the terrorist threat. This was a new type of war, and Colonel Mountel, the 5th Special Forces Group commander, knew that Blue Light needed to enhance their capabilities, utilizing unconventional tactics.

One day, Mountel approached Roger, a Blue Light assaulter, and told him that a young lady from 5th Group’s intelligence support section would be joining their team.

“I wonder how the guys will adjust to this,” Roger said.

“That’s what you’re there for,” the colonel replied.