Normally I focus my reviews on SOF books but having met David in New York on SIRUIS Radio’s “Wilkow Majority” show, I felt compelled to pick up his book when visiting my new publisher and Editor at Simon & Schuster offered it up to me.

While launching my own memoir, The Red Circle, I was becoming very familiar with the SIRIUS radio studios. On one afternoon I shared an elevator ride up to SIRIUS with David Bellavia. We studied each other with the careful looks often exchanged by people who have experienced hardship in life not known by most people, especially in the soft world of NYC where tragedy and hardship is missing a cocktail party Thursday evening at the latest “Roof Top” scene.

David and I had no idea each other was headed to the same studio for Wilkow’s show until we were badge’d up.  Sitting in the waiting room we exchanged intro’s and quickly bonded as most military guys do when they find service and war as a common ground.

I learned he was running for Congress and was on Wilkow’s show to discuss his campaign, and he learned that I had just launched my book.  We ended up doing our spot together on the air with Andrew (a great guy). I walked away from the experience glad to have met David and more glad that guys like him are taking the fight to Washington.