INSIDE DELTA FORCE has been on my list for a while and I finally was able to take it down in two days.

From the beginning, you can tell Eric Haney (Command Sergeant Major, USA ret.) is authentic and cares deeply about the US Army and Delta.

My favorite part of the book is the recounting of his experiences leading up to being selected for the first group of men that would undergo Delta selection. I’ve known that their selection was modeled after the British SAS but having a first hand account was fascinating as I was drawing comparisons of the “unknown” to my own experience in SEAL selection (BUD/S). I also feel his pain regarding the Clowns In Action and the upper echelons of government who often use good men as pawns for their own advancement.

I found the POW story fascinating and disturbing (you’ll have to read it for yourself) and can imagine that this, along with his other viewed government atrocities, were motivating factors behind Eric writing this book.