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Nov 24
Subj: Follow UP
Hey brother, 

Just finishing your book and want to get a review up. Can you send me some photos to use in the review?

Also, not sure if you knew this or not but my SEAL platoon and some Danes were on that QRF bird for Robert’s ridge, we were on the ground for ten minutes and then TF Dagger’s Rangers came out and told us they were going instead (I was with TF KBar), that was the same helo that got shot down on insert. Small dirty fucking planet we live on.  I sat 15 klicks away and listened to radio calls of one Ranger dying after another. That chicken shit USAF Col in charge wouldn’t let us chopper in and help those boys, and it haunts me to this day. 


I sent this email to Marty after reading his book and the section about Robert’s Ridge. He would write back to me explaining why this incident was a major motivation behind his decision to join the Regiment. A small, dirty world indeed.

I’ll keep it short and sweet and save you a flowery review. The book is an amazing, well-written piece of modern Ranger history. Enjoy the excerpt below, and then go buy the damn book.

Violence of Action

Violence Of Action

By: Marty Skovlund

No other unit in the Department of Defense, whether it be conventional or a special operations force (SOF), has the range of capabilities that the 75th Ranger Regiment brings to the table. The Regiment’s four battalions, geographically dispersed throughout the U.S., can deploy anywhere in the world for no-notice missions in high-risk, uncertain, and politically sensitive areas via land, air or sea.