Eric Bolling, Fox News cohost of “The Five” and author of “Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great—and Why We Need Them More Than Ever,” starts off his politically charged book with powerful imagery of a bleak future for America if Hillary Clinton is elected. We have a 50/50 chance of Hillary Clinton being elected as our next president, and he paints the reader a picture of what her inauguration will actually look like. How will you feel when you see her standing in front of the microphone giving her inauguration speech? Feelings of victory or despair? This book comes at a time when our nation is divided not only along political lines but on ideals and values as well.

The author asserts that there are nine core virtues that made America great, but they have been challenged and suppressed by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and those who blindly follow them. Core virtues define people and nations and help establish their identity. The book’s main goal is to help America wake up to the real threat of losing these core virtues. Eric Bolling takes you through the ways America can regain control, refocusing on the virtues that set our nation apart from everyone else.


Here are the nine virtues that set America apart from every other nation:

  1. Grit: the power to try, fail, and rebuild in a nation of endless possibilities
  2. Profit: a system that rewards people for ingenuity, greed, and competition against others
  3. Manliness: the rugged pioneer spirit that allowed men and women with guts (and guns) to carve a great nation out of wilderness
  4. Thrift: the classic middle-American value of living within your means and avoiding debt
  5. Individuality: the ability to think and speak and believe whatever you want
  6. Domination: the notion that nature is under the control of humanity, and not the other way around
  7. Merit: the idea that people should succeed based on their own skills and talents—not due to entitlements from a nanny state—and that effort and good choices should be rewarded
  8. Pride: love of country and the abiding belief in America’s special place among the nations of the world
  9. Providence: the belief in a role for faith in our own lives and the life of our nation—from a simple ballgame to America’s destiny—because there are things bigger than self or state

Eric Bolling states he wrote the book to fight against the politically correct nanny state:

“To help us fight back. To fight against the forces of the left-wing, big government zealots who seek to turn our country into a socialist utopia, where rules are handed down by pampered elites in Washington. To fight back against the damaging message being sent to our kids–that they are victims, that they need Daddy Government to bail them out and run their lives.”

Has America gone from the Greatest Generation to the Worst Generation in the past 75 years? Check out “Wake up America” to find out how our nation can regain what it once had. Will you help rebuild America or help in our nation’s demise? This is the time to take a stand and take America back from being a politically correct nanny state.



“Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great—and Why We Need Them More Than Ever” is now available on Amazon.