Jack and I have been harassed for over two years with a barrage of emails asking us to start a book club. So here it is but we need your help spreading the word.

And let’s get something straight, buying into a club is different than just buying a book off Amazon. Few can compete with Amazon Prime on price, and SOFREP is no exception. However, we can beat them on service and the experience of belonging to a really fucking cool military book club. For those of you who emailed us about pricing, I emailed all of you personally this morning, twenty emails…I’m in this for real.

A personal commitment.

I’m personally taking the book club in my hands, it’s my mission in life, to make sure it’s the best damn military book club on the planet. For those who know me, you know I love books, always have, ever since I was forced to dive into books as a young ten-year old kid stranded on his family’s sailboat with no television. This will be the freaking coolest club, you have my word.

Military book fans have a problem, what to choose and read? I get asked about what titles to read all the time. We have solved that with the SOFREP book club. We pick the best, and vet the titles for you.

I spoke with my friend Marc, a senior Editor at St. Martin’s Press over the weekend, and he was thrilled we were doing this. He also expressed his support in helping make our club as special as possible. Marc represents myself, Dalton Fury, Mike Ritland, Nick Irving, and many more military and Special Ops authors. He said we have full access to his roster for special events and signings. This means our club has a direct line to some of the best authors in the genre of military non-fiction and fiction.

Want a club tour of St. Martin’s Press in New York city, led by me? It can and will happen.

Why $29.99? Because running a club takes time and effort. There’s events to set up, coordinating with authors, money to fly an author in town and put them up in a hotel, time spent talking to publishers about getting books to our club early, a distribution center to stand up, t-shirts to make, and more.