Bradford Knives is a small business that makes high-end blades out of Kent, Washington. They offer a variety of quality every day carry and outdoors style designs at reasonable prices. I, being a big fan of small utilitarian type knives, recently acquired their Guardian3. The Guardian3 has a beefy design capable of immense leverage but also able to attack smaller tasks that require a nimble touch. So far I am impressed with the knife and I think it’s a great purchase for the money.

The average price of the 1st generation (like mine) Guardian3 is around $100. The steel is composed of N690, a high-end stainless steel produced in Austria that is capable of great edge retention; it is very hard with a polished surface. The Guardian3 comes from the factory sharp enough to shave with and stays that way for a good while depending on use. The blade is 3.5″ overall with a 0.15″ thickness and has a flat grind cutting edge of 3″. Within the overall blade length is a finger choil which is great for press cutting and getting a high purchase when performing rougher tasks like making feather sticks or other bushcraft-related tasks. The scales are made of compressed, rounded and textured G-10 for added grip and comfort. It features a lanyard hole in the butt end and aggressive jimping with a false edge on the spine. The hardware, two pins, used to re-enforce and secure the scales to the blade’s tang are strange proprietary pins that require a special tool to disassemble. Overall it’s a sleek-looking blade built for hard use.