Here are the transcripts of Brandon Webb and Scott McEwen talking about Chris Kyle on Good Morning America earlier today.

I’M HERE WITH Scott McEwen, who wrote “American Sniper,” and with Chris’s friend, who trained Chris to be a Sniper. I’m so sorry for your loss. You wrote Chris wasn’t killed on the battlefield.

But you believe he gave his life to his country. He devoted so much of his life to helping wounded and injured military individuals returning from war. That was such a big part of who he was.

I think Chris had a difficult time transitioning from military life to civilian life himself. I think that was a big reason why he cared so much about helping other veterans. The other big issue can ptsd these days.

Here’s a guy that had, was very successful shortly after he got out of the SEAL Teams and could have done anything he wanted. He chose to still give a large part of his time to these veterans’ causes.

In “American Sniper” he is quite honest about his reentry. It was important for him to show there was a light at the end of the tunnel. If you look to the light and work to get yourself out of the scenarios you get yourself in, you move yourself and get healthy again.

And coming off his time in Iraq, just unparalleled, four tours, seven medals. More than 150 kills, you helped train Chris. Did you know from the start that he was something special?

You know, we all knew Chris was a special guy. Very humble, to this — to the time he got out. He didn’t really want to publicize the number of kills that — it was all about the lives he saved in Iraq.