Familiar Questions

“Mr. Senator, why are we still in Afghanistan, and what is the US strategy?”, is a question I would asked over, and over, and over again since 2010 with the same result. Blank stares, political dogs gazing at the geopolitical ceiling fan in puzzlement.

But I knew the answer…America’s politicians didn’t have one.

It was the big money Defense lobbyists pumping money into political districts that were the tail-wagging the political dogs in DC right up until the point of the embarrassing pull-out that was eighteen years too late.

Now Ukraine is experiencing this, like a junkie hooked on heroin, it’s hard to kick the habit once you get it.

This is just one of the major problems Americans currently face supporting the war in Ukraine. It’s our problem because our hard-earned taxes are going to support a war that is currently a rudderless ship drifting in the night.

The other problem is that we have no strong leadership in Washington to help the fledgling democracy navigate the war.

Zelensky Postponed Free Elections

In fact, Ukraine wants to be a democracy but is trying to have it both ways as President Zelinsky canceled free elections due to the war.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that the country’s presidential election, that in peacetime would be expected in March, will not be taking place while Ukraine remains under martial law and is in a state of war with Russia. –Read more at FP.com