Clement Vandenborre, chief of the counterintelligence directorate of Belgium’s General Information and Security Services (ADIV), was placed under house arrest on suspicions of destroying classified material. He has been temporarily relieved from his post until the conclusion of an internal investigation.

This was first published by Belgium newspaper De Morgen, which cites multiple sources.

Vandenborre, a 40-year veteran of ADIV, denied any wrongdoing or knowledge about the matter. Yet internal investigators decided to seal his office in late January 2019.

The chief of the Belgian counterintelligence directorate stands accused of destroying confidential paperwork using a paper shredder. A De Morgen investigation indicates Vandenborre’s motivations might stem from wider tensions within the ADIV. There are reports of longstanding animosities between civilian personnel and military officers of the agency, and a generational gap exacerbated the tensions.