In 2010, Chelsea Manning, then US Army Specialist Bradley Manning, approached Wikileaks and was responsible for the largest leak of classified information in American history.  She claims to be ideologically motivated and felt that the American public needed to know what was in the leaked documents, a disclosure often compared to the Pentagon Papers.  President Obama commuted her sentence just days before leaving office, and Manning was released from prison.  She would have served a further 28 years in prison.

Today, a judge in Virginia ordered her jailed and held in contempt of the court for refusing to testify in a sealed grand jury case.  Manning claims that everything she knows about Wikileaks she already divulged during her court martial and that she objects to the secretive nature of grand jury proceedings.  Manning was subpoenaed to testify, but due to the sealed nature of the case the details of it remain unknown to the public.

Manning will be held in confinement until she decides to testify or at least until grand jury proceedings have concluded.

(Lead picture courtesy of Chelsea Manning)