A Defense Department Security Forces officer was stabbed by a suspect who was subsequently shot and killed by base security on Andersen Air Force Base in Guam this morning. Details remain limited, but it appears the suspect was running from civilian law enforcement when he attempted to gain entry into the installation.

According to an announcement made the Andersen Air Force Base Facebook page, the suspect was fleeing Guam police when he attempted to gain entry into the installation. Members of the Air Force’s 36th Security Forces Squadron deployed defensive barriers to bar his entry, prompting the suspect to leave the vehicle and attempt an escape on foot.

Security officers instituted a base lockdown and, alongside Guam Police, cornered the suspect. In the ensuing scuffle, the suspect produced a knife and stabbed one of the civilian security officers, forcing the other officers on the scene to open fire. The suspect was transported to a local civilian hospital where he was later declared dead.

“While apprehending a suspect, our defenders were compelled to use lethal force for their own defense, resulting in the death of the suspect,” said Brig. General Gentry Boswell, 36th Wing commander.

“We value the importance of every life and are thankful for the courage our Defenders display in the safe conduct of their duties protecting our personnel and families.”

According to Air Force officials, an investigation into the incident has already been launched and thus far there are few details regarding why someone fleeing local law enforcement would have though a U.S. Air Force base could have offered any form of reprieve.

The condition of the security officer that was stabbed has not been revealed to the public at this time. The main gate at Andersen Air Force Base remains closed except to emergency personnel until further notice.

“Our top priority is to ensure the safety of Team Andersen, our service members and families,” Boswell said in the statement. “We are proud of our partnerships in place and for the swift actions taken by our security forces members in conjunction with local law enforcement.