In an unfolding story that seems lifted straight from the pages of a novel, Sergeant Major Jorge E. Garcia, a (formerly) distinguished member of the U.S. Army stationed at the renowned Fort Liberty (the military post formerly known as Fort Bragg) in North Carolina, finds himself ensnared in grave allegations involving drug trafficking, involvement with organized crime and misuse of government funds.  It doesn’t get much more serious than this, folks unless bodies start turning up. And yes, that has happened more than once a Fort Bragg…errr Liberty, in the past as well.

This venerable facility, the bedrock for the esteemed 82nd Airborne Division and a nexus for the Army’s top-tier special operations units, is no stranger to controversy, particularly with its recent history of drug-related offenses. However, Garcia’s case might just put them all to shame, given his high-profile role as a career counselor for the Army’s Forces Command (FORSCOM).

I snagged this image from Garcia’s LinkedIn page, where he claims 29 years and 11 months of service. He fails to note that he has spent the past 7 months in pretrial confinement.

SGM Garcia stands accused of orchestrating an elaborate and illicit operation that spanned continents, involving the smuggling of methamphetamine across the U.S.-Mexico border. Military prosecutors paint a picture of Garcia as a man who frequently ventured outside the country without authorization between 2021 and 2022, engaging in the clandestine transportation of meth, deceiving his unit about his whereabouts, and even misusing his government travel card for personal indulgences at a strip clubs in the vicinity of the Pentagon. His alleged liaisons with gangs over the internet to coordinate this drug trafficking adds a modern twist to his purported criminal endeavors.