The British cybersecurity researcher who rose to fame earlier this summer when he stopped the vicious “WannaCry” malware attack has plead not guilty to the charges which led to his arrest by the FBI two weeks ago over a separate hacking incident.

Marcus Hutchins, 23, who goes by “Malwaretech” online, was arrested and indicted by the FBI on August 2nd while attending the DEF CON hacker convention in Las Vegas. He has been accused of personally creating a malicious malware code called “Kronos” over three years ago. Kronos allegedly was designed to steal access to victim’s banking and credit card information.

Hutchins lawyer said “Marcus Hutchins is a brilliant young man and a hero,” following his first hearing in Wisconsin, where the case is being held. Hutchins gained notoriety in May when he stopped the rapid spread of the “WannaCry” malware, which was causing economic chaos throughout the UK and Europe, by noticing a potential flaw in its code and exploiting it.

After a brief spell of inactivity, Hutchins was back on Twitter posting about his experience yesterday. He wrote “Things to do during defcon: attend parties, visit red rock canyon, go shooting, be indicted by the FBI, rent supercars,” and “I’m still on trial, still not allowed to go home, still on house arrest, but now I am allowed online. Will get my computers back soon.”