A new video of captured British journalist John Cantlie has surfaced this past week. In the ISIS propaganda video, John is forced to criticize and mock the efforts of the American-led forces in Mosul, trivializing the U.S.-led coalition’s efforts to destroy a media center in the urban neighborhood.

British journalist captured by ISIS forced to mock U.S.-led coalition efforts in Mosul
One the left is a photo of John before ISIS captured him. On the right is him in 2014. You can see the physical toll his capture has put on him.

John was captured by ISIS in November of 2012, and since then has been held hostage. He was captured with an American journalist, James Foley, who was beheaded in August of 2014. The only thing keeping John alive is his ability to produce ISIS propaganda videos. So far, his video count for ISIS is nine. The last video was released in February, 2015, and many people feared he was dead. With the fight to regain Mosul looming, John’s chances of survival will decrease as ISIS is forced to either fight or retreat.

Here is his most recent video:


Featured image courtesy of AFP/Getty Images