A few months ago, I learned about The Bar X Project through its support of the group of men referred to as the MARSOC 7.

In June of 2019, seven men from MARSOC Fox Company and one of the panel members from their 2008 court of inquiry (COI) were reunited — some for the first time in 12 years — during a fishing trip at Big Horn River in Montana. The trip was hosted and paid for by The Bar X Project, an organization that reunites combat-wounded Marines and Navy Corpsmen with their former units in order to promote healing and help them succeed in the civilian world.

Fox Company Marines (MSOC F) were accused of indiscriminately killing Afghan civilians in March of 2007, and that narrative was spread throughout the media as a result of a rush to judgment by several military leaders who were directly responsible for the expulsion of Fox Company from Afghanistan. This rush to judgment occurred without sufficient evidence, as was later proven during the court of inquiry.

Since that trip in Montana in support of Fox Company, The Bar X Project has not slowed down in its efforts to help veterans.

During a recent trip, they reunited best friends Rob Jones and Dan Jones and their Marine Corps brothers from the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion. Both Rob and Dan were severely injured on July 22, 2010 during a combat deployment to Afghanistan.

Watch the powerful video below to hear about their experiences being back together during a fly fishing trip to Montana, courtesy of The Bar X Project.