The Burma/Myanmar government has officially denied the existence of the mass graves reported by the Associated Press recently. In a press release only accessible by the state-owned media organizations, officials said that they launched an investigation in Gutar Pyin and quickly found no such mass graves.

Instead, the military says that they came into contact with local militants from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), one of the groups they often claim are the inciting element to any violence against the Rohingya. They say they were attacked by 500 people armed with guns, knives, slingshots and darts, and that the fighting claimed many lives — but the lives of enemy combatants, not civilians.

“Muslim community leaders say there was no mass killing in Gutar Pyin village as has been reported by media outlets. It’s all based on groundless information,” said U Tin Maung Swe, the government secretary in Rakhine State, home of the Rohingya.

U Tin Maung Swe says that any burned buildings in the village in question were burned by ARSA and not the military.