Yangon, Myanmar/Burma — A mass grave containing the bodies of 10 dead Rohingya Muslims has been uncovered in Rakhine State, Burma; the Rohingya combatants in the area have told authorities that the people buried were not a part of their organization. The government had earlier admitted to killing 10 “terrorists” in September, but have since told the press that the victims were in fact civilians. The military has said that legal action will be taken against the soldiers involved in the killing of the 10 Muslims, and also against the local Buddhist villagers who were involved. The mass grave is located in a village on the coast named Inn Din.

This has once again caught the attention of the international community, which has been vying to get the Burmese government to allow an investigation regarding the conflict in Rakhine state with the Rohingya. This could be the first step towards a more transparent regime, though sources on the ground tell SOFREP that they remain skeptical. There are concerns that admitting to one crime will allow the illusion of transparency, while the same war crimes that have continuously occurred for 70 years continue.

Regardless, this is significant because it is very rare for the Burmese government to admit to wrongdoing, especially in regards to its treatment of the Rohingya people. Despite the international criticisms and the documented cases of human rights abuses from multiple NGOs and international aid organizations, the Burmese military has seemed to consistently double down on their efforts to either drive the Rohingya out of the country, or exterminate them altogether.

Scot Marciel, U.S ambassador to Myanmar | AP Photo/Thein Zaw

The U.S. Ambassador to Burma, Scot Marciel, said that,