I LOVE California. I grew up along the Ventura coast and the Channel Islands as an 11-year-old boy. I was then stationed in beautiful San Diego as a young Navy SEAL, and then I left the state because of all the reasons I’m going to write about below.

I LOVE California but it’s going to Hell with Harvey Weinstein.

To my Californian friends (and mom who lives in Ventura), it’s not too late to get out while you can, and apologies in advance for what I’m about to say.

There will be no take-backs… it’s truly liberating to actually express a strong opinion these days and I’m grateful that SOFREP is one of the few places I (we) have left for this.

Decades of failed environmental and fiscal leadership, along with a population that’s not held this leadership accountable, has got California here.

I would attribute this partly to an American political duopoly that gerrymanders and force-serves us all a two-course tasting menu by a bad chef.

Our choice. Democrat or Republican. Chicken or steak.

But I’m Pescatarian!? “You can only have the chicken or the steak!” the politicians yell back. So funny how Congress can call tech companies to the carpet to yell at them about market share strangleholds and not realize they have been abusing their market for years. How about they turn that mirror on themselves for a minute.