(Feature photo: Author (left) and bud Jorge Torrespico, Ft. Benning, GA circa 1980)

For my friend and little brother, Mr. Brice Menaugh

I was born George Edward Hand IV, descendant of Alan Hand who arrived from Hungary to NYC in 1905, where he was a cobbler (makes/repairs shoes). From Al Hand, came his sons George Sr, George Jr, my Dad George III, George Foreman, and finally I tricked my way into the world impostering as a smokin’ good-looking and absurdly intelligent baby.

Once I was sure the coast was clear, I became who I really was, young George IV, in all his imperfections and transgressions. My grand and great-grandfathers were laborers, odd-job followers, ran a movie projector at a movie theater, and worked as custodians repairing careworn rooms at a local motel.