(Feature photo: Author (left) and bud Jorge Torrespico, Ft. Benning, GA circa 1980)

For my friend and little brother, Mr. Brice Menaugh

I was born George Edward Hand IV, descendant of Alan Hand who arrived from Hungary to NYC in 1905, where he was a cobbler (makes/repairs shoes). From Al Hand, came his sons George Sr, George Jr, my Dad George III, George Foreman, and finally I tricked my way into the world impostering as a smokin’ good-looking and absurdly intelligent baby.

Once I was sure the coast was clear, I became who I really was, young George IV, in all his imperfections and transgressions. My grand and great-grandfathers were laborers, odd-job followers, ran a movie projector at a movie theater, and worked as custodians repairing careworn rooms at a local motel.

The silver spoon I was born with in my mouth was actually an off-white color, as it was used on many occasions to stir up wallboard (sheet rock) compound, and spackle holes in walls. In spite of my Sultan’s opulence, I was able to grow up in the mainstream march of all-American low-to-mid-class youth.

Census document showing the first presence of my ancestors in the US

The other half of my roots came from my great-grandfather and founder of Lafayette Parish in the French Triangle of southern Louisiana, Francois Mouton.

Francois Mouton where he is buried in his hometown of Carencro (Buzzard) LA, where a boulevard and bridge bear his name in his honor.


My great Grandma, the lovely Ms Sophie Mouton

My father was an Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in the US Air Force, where my younger brother, older sister, and mother lived in Vance AFB base housing near Enid, Oklahoma. What a treat that was: never locking doors ever, kids leaving the house in the morning, and playing all over the hood from sun up to sun down, only returning home for lunch and dinner, all because we could!