Camouflage is one of those old skills that has remained relevant in the modern battlespace. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are known for having unique solutions for the concealment of either humans or sensors in hostile environments. These capabilities are a result of a unique mindset that originally developed in the Israeli airborne SF groups in the ’80s, and were later passed on to the rest of the SOF community.

Here’s an exercise I took part in somewhere in the Middle East as a part of my training. We had to build up a hasty blind to conceal four guys and our equipment. Only, we didn’t have access to the tools we usually use.

Can you spot the four Israeli soldiers in the photos below?

Your intel:

  • It took us only 10 minutes
  • We used only two ropes and one tarp in Pencott GreenZone
  • We hid four men inside
  • Distance: Picture A, approximately 50m. Picture B, approximately 20m.

We didn’t add additional vegetation layers, as our SOPs dictate, in order to make our position somewhat visible to you in the pictures.

Happy hunting!

Picture A

Can you find these hidden Israeli operators?