Everyone knows that Canada and Russia have been dealing with each other on a lot of issues in the past years. However, both Putin and Harper are racing each other to get the Arctic oil and natural resources.

In a SOFREP article I wrote late last year, I clearly demonstrated the lack of Canadian military infrastructure in our own backyard. Although the Conservative Government has made the Arctic one of Canada’s main priority, our current military can’t and will not be able to protect its sovereignty without the help of the American military through NORAD.

CBC reported that the Canadian F-18s intercepted Russian Tu-95s on at least two different occasions in the month of June alone. We’ve been experiencing these Russian incursions since the start of the Cold War, but with the current Arctic situation, the Canadian government should enforce our airspace and boost our presence in the North.
That being said, National Defence Minister Rob Nicholson told the Parliament about the Russian incursions on June 19th.

“Mr. Speaker, I cannot comment specifically on operational matters, but I can confirm to the House that, yes, we continue to see Russian military activity in the Arctic. The Canadian Armed Forces remain ready and able to respond. In fact, the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18s were dispatched in recent days in response to Russian aircraft movements.
NORAD has intercepted in excess of 50 Russian military aircraft over the last five years. This clearly demonstrates both our capacity to respond and the need for ongoing vigilance. We will continue to work with our allies to defend Canadian sovereignty.”