Even before all of the election results were in, there was a spike in Google searches for “immigration to Canada” and the Canadian immigration website crashed. When I first read the headlines about the website crashing, I thought it was a joke or funny coincidence. Before election day, quite a few celebrities said that if Trump won they would leave the country. It appears that many Hillary supporters may follow their lead.

Looking at the Democratic watch party was sad but also a little bit entertaining as most of her supporters were crying, not little tears but full on ugly crying. Based on the crowd last night and social media today, it is not surprising that the immigration website crashed. They looked devastated. There were so many photos to choose from, but here are a few from last night:


The thing that is most concerning is that average Americans are not going to let the system work and are too quick to abandon their country when the election did not go their way. People are already using the hashtag, #notmypresident. Where is your national pride people? Give President Trump (sounds weird saying it out loud) a chance before you totally abandon ship. You might be surprised in his performance, just like you were surprised with the election results.

On a side note, I am not too sad on the celebrities that vowed to leave the country before election day, let’s see if they keep their word. 

Image courtesy of Fox News