Kabul, Afghanistan- At 7:55 a.m. local time, a large car bomb detonated near the US Embassy killing eight Afghan civilians and wounding at least 25. Three of the wounded were reported to be US service members. The primary target of the suicide bombing was a NATO convoy near a checkpoint along Shash Darak Road. Islamic State claimed responsibility via their Amaq News agency.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. In a statement posted by its media arm Amaq, the terror group said one of its members targeted “a column of American forces.”- CNN

The injured civilians were transported to area hospitals and some are in critical condition.

“The injured were transferred to two hospitals in the area; the Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital and the Emergency Hospital,” Wahid Majrouh, a health ministry spokesman”- al Jazeera

The status of the three injured US service members is unknown at this time.

More to follow.

Image courtesy of AP