New satellite images of the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada have spurred the interests of conspiracy theorists and aviation nerds alike, thanks to what appears to be a blurred out portion of a secret aircraft sticking out of one of the hangars. Simply censoring a small portion of satellite images of a military installation alone may not have been enough to get the internet’s mouth watering, but the Tonopah Test Range has a long and illustrious history of harboring secret military aircraft within its expansive hangars — from the F-117 Nighthawk (long before it was acknowledged by the U.S. government; sometimes called the Stealth Fighter) to secret Soviet Migs used for testing.

It also happens to be a part of the massive Nellis Range — a huge stretch of territory used for all sorts of military purposes, including housing an installation which popular culture has taken to calling “Area 51.”

These new images compound previous satellite pictures confirming the construction of a new large-scale hangar at the above-mentioned “Area 51” from last year, begging the question: what kind of secret aircraft is the Defense Department testing out in Nevada?

These side by side images of the “Area 51” facility show the recent addition of a large hangar and taxi strip. (Google Earth)

By their very nature, these secretive projects are, well, a secret — but there are some clues floating around the veritable sea of government contracts and defense technology firms. Here are just some of the aircraft that are currently rumored to be under development or even already in testing. Some of these programs are publicly acknowledged, while others are the products of informed speculation… but all seem like potential tenants for these highly secretive hangars.