Team Room, we made a change in our registration payment process last night, but it’s problematic, so we need your input. Please vote and comment below to let us know how we should proceed.

We have two ways to pay for the subscription: PayPal and credit card. Our credit card processor is a dream come true – it’s easy for you, easy for upgrading and downgrading, easy to resolve, and easy for us. We love it.

This next part is sensitive, because we have a great relationship with PayPal, one of their sr execs is a great friend to SOFREP, but our PayPal experience has been a different story. It’s easy for people to join using PayPal, but upgrades, downgrades, any hiccup in payments, updating payment methods, etc., it’s all very difficult due to the way PayPal communicates to the website. It’s become a big support problem.

Last night I turned off the PayPal payment option, but already people are asking where it went, so we need your input. Please tell us two things. Would you have subscribed without PayPal? And if you are subscribed via PayPal, are you happy to work with our Support team (ASHLEY!!!) for upgrades, downgrades, etc. Your input will help us determine how we proceed with PayPal (and again, we do LOVE PayPal!).

Please give us your feedback.

(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDS. Marines with 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command, conduct predeployment training in Savannah, Ga., May 23. During the training the Marines conducted helocasting drills.)