The Monster

The Characters of Steel Fear, Part 3

John David Mann


Parts 1 and 2 of this seven-part series on the characters of the military thriller Steel Fear introduced you to the story’s antihero, Chief Finn, and his unlikely crime-solving partner, Lt. Monica Hallsey. They were also the first two characters we fleshed out in our minds before writing the story. The very next decision we made—and it was a big one—was about a very different kind of character: the monster.

There’s something strange about the reviews people have been giving Steel Fear. Quite a few say something like these three:

Steel Fear comes in hot and never slows down. Exciting, action-packed, and twisty from stem to stern.” — Brad Thor

“An edge-of-your-seat thriller … like speeding down a slalom course, once you get going, there’s no stopping.” — Steve Berry

“A five-star scorcher from the first page to last.” — Robert Crais