A component of the war in Ukraine is maritime operations as Ukraine has struggled to maintain control of its waters and rivers against the Russian invasion.  The recent evacuation of Russian forces from Snake Island off the coast of Ukraine indicated a shift in the initiative to Ukraine in protecting their coastline and rivers.  Now that Ukraine has demonstrated the ability to engage targets at close and medium ranges, the US has agreed to backfill some of the capabilities Ukraine needs to maintain this hard-won control over its own waters.

The U.S. pledged $1 billion in new military assistance through both presidential drawdown authority and the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. Among the various items included was a package of river patrol boats and maritime combat craft including two 35-foot, small-unit riverine craft; six 40-foot maritime combat craft; and ten 34-foot, Dauntless Sea Ark patrol boats.


US Navy 070910-N-6639M-043

The 35-foot, Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC)

The Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC), replaced the Rigid Raiding Craft, used by Navy and Marine forces which need a small craft designed to provide tactical waterborne lift in conducting conventional Military Operations in a riverine environment or near the beach.  A SURC provides the USMC with a boat capable of transporting 13 infantry in support of operations on various waterways and in various conditions on the open sea. The vessel combines mobility, speed, endurance, firepower, payload, and survivability, along with command and control capabilities to support sustained marine operations.

The SURC is a rocket and can go from zero to 25 knots in 15 seconds. With a top speed of 40 knots means troops can ingress and egress with great speed.  Equipped with twin 440 horsepower six-cylinder diesel engines, it’s also fuel efficient with a range of 250 nautical miles.

As for onboard equipment the SURC is fitted with;

Global Positioning System (GPS) capability for position location

Combat Net Radio Systems (CNR) systems