We’ve had the privilege to be able to sit down with a number of veterans who have represented our country and the veteran community well. Too often it seems, that only the negative side of the veteran community gets attention these days, while the vast majority is doing tremendous work both in uniform and when they leave active military service.

The Vietnam veteran we spoke to recently, Ron Hope is another example of an individual that served his country well during a time of an unpopular war and was severely wounded in combat. His life after his injuries is an inspirational one that we can all agree is the kind of story we should be reading more of. He’s also a longtime member of the DAV and has dedicated his time to them and to our veterans.

Mr. Hope was born in West Texas. He grew up on a ranch and dreamed of being a pilot from a young age. But opportunities were rare for a young man in that area of the country then. “There weren’t many opportunities for someone to seek or find pilot training,” he said. 

After graduating from high school in Del Rio, Hope was in his third semester of college when he learned that he was about to be drafted. He immediately began looking around for his options believing that enlisting for a career field he wanted was a better alternative than being drafted and having one dictated to him. What he really wanted to do was fly.