The United States is calling for a vote as early as Monday on new, harsher sanctions to be imposed on North Korea by the UN Security Council over its recent test of what experts believe to be a hydrogen bomb, though no details have yet been released as to what those sanctions might actually entail.

According to members of the Security Council, no one is currently authorized to reveal the details of the proposed resolution, as talks have been held entirely in private, but diplomats from the United States and China were reportedly continuing to debate the language of the resolution into the night on Sunday.

North Korea’s latest nuclear test, their sixth overall, demonstrated that they now possess a significantly more advanced nuclear weapon than in previous tests.  North Korea claimed the massive explosion was a successful test of a two-stage thermonuclear device, or hydrogen bomb, which Western experts have not been able to conclusively verify, but believe that the evidence at hand supports their claims.  In all likelihood, Kim now possesses nuclear weapons that are five to ten times more powerful than any previous weapon believed to be in the North Korean arsenal.

North Korea, despite not knowing what the proposed resolution might entail, has already begun lofting threats of reprisal in anticipation of a possible vote early this week, claiming that the United States will pay a “due price” if harsh sanctions are agreed upon by the Security Council.