Paramount Pictures announced a new partnership with two Chinese firms worth a reported $1 billion on Friday.  The deal demonstrates Hollywood’s continued efforts to make profitable films for both domestic and Chinese viewers, as China represents the second largest movie market on the planet.

It also means China just bought an even larger say in how the world is depicted in American films.

Whereas America utilizes a film rating system in the form of the MPAA (an honestly discriminatory and broken system, but one that isn’t state owned) China utilizes government censors to determine what films are suitable to be shown in theaters across their nation.  Chinese officials can ban a film for any number of reasons, but prominent among them, is if they don’t like the way China is being depicted in the story.  Studios have long been aware of this, and it’s already started to shape the films we watch.

“Iron Man 3” was meant to introduce one of Iron Man’s greatest foes: the Mandarin, but concerns about Chinese censors resulted in the studio choosing Sir Ben Kingsley to play the traditionally Chinese villain, and significant re-writes regarding the character itself (I’ll spare you the spoilers, but comic book nerds know what I’m talking about).