China is preparing for war, and we had better wake up to that fact.

Recent satellite imagery has revealed a mock-up of Taiwan’s Presidential Office within a military training compound in China’s Inner Mongolia. Initially brought to attention through a social media update on X (previously known as Twitter) and later confirmed through open source satellite images on the Sinergise’s Sentinel Hub platform, this mimicry showcases a meticulous recreation of the surroundings of Taiwan’s Presidential Office in Taipei. Located in the Alxa League of China, this project began construction in March 2021 and was finished by October of the same year.


As part of the ongoing military enhancements spearheaded by Xi Jinping’s leadership, these developments have escalated apprehensions about China’s potential military aggression toward Taiwan by 2027. China’s assertion of Taiwan as part of its sovereignty has been a source of strained relations across the strait since 1949, following the rise of the Chinese Communist Party in mainland China.