A simmering conflict between India and China in a remote border region in the mountains is showing no signs of abating, as more soldiers and military hardware are reportedly moving towards what is being openly discussed as a possible war by the media in both countries.

The conflict, a border dispute in a rugged area between India, China, and Bhutan, was originally seen as a minor spat over the boundaries of ill-defined borders. It began after Indian troops contested the building of a Chinese road near a strategically important part of India.

As of now, the fight is being waged through aggressive statements and editorials printed in state-run newspapers and media outlets. A major Chinese military exercise in nearby Tibet encouraged reports of hundreds of dead and wounded Indian troops from media in both India and China earlier this week, which was quickly rebuffed by Chinese and Indian authorities.

An editorial printed in the Chinese Global Times on Tuesday has stoked fears and accusations from Indian politicians that the Chinese are gearing up for war, to include claims of an alliance with Pakistan.