In a massive show of force following a U.S. warning about Chinese military activity near Taiwan, China sent 52 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on Monday, forcing the self-ruled island to scramble patrol aircraft in response, according to the Republic of China Air Force.

The Chinese military aircraft group, the largest China has sent since Taiwan’s defense ministry began keeping records last year, included 34 J-16 fighter jets, two Su-30 fighters, two Y-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft, two KJ-500 early warning aircraft, and 12 H-6 bombers.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force aircraft entered the southwest corner of Taiwan’s ADIZ but did not enter Taiwan’s territorial airspace.

Patrol aircraft were dispatched to respond to the Chinese military aircraft group, which was monitored by air defense missile units. Radio warnings were issued to the intruding planes.

China, which considers Taiwan an inseparable part of its territory, a critical national interest, and an important sovereignty issue, has never renounced force as a tool for reunification and routinely flies military aircraft near Taiwan, but sorties have traditionally been much smaller, with larger displays of Chinese military might occurring less frequently.